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Beef Jerky - The Taste of the Rockies: For generations the untamed Rockies were populated by men and women of rugged individualism and raw grit adventure - Native Americans, explorers, trappers, mountain men, pioneers, gold-diggers, ranchers and farmers. At A+ Jerky Supply Company we pay tribute to the majesty of their spirits - their vision and the lands they called "home."

beef jerky Today, the Rockies call out to a new generation of explorers and adventurers seeking new challenges in a wide variety of outdoor activities -- Skiing, hunting, hiking, biking, climbing, camping, river running, fishing, paragliding, sailing and more. In addition to these, thousands more tourists, historians, even artists and poets clamor to capture a taste of the awesome Rocky Mountain mystique. Whatever your passion, no Rocky Mountain experience is truly complete without King B Meat Snacks -- the flavor of the Rockies and your link to the past.

jerky Smoked to pure perfection, breaking barriers to all known taste buds, King-B-Jerky products, provided to you by A+ Jerky Supply Company, has been called by almost everybody the last stop jerky shop. That means you wont find it better anywhere else. We're loaded with orders, but we'll make time to fill your order quickly. Knowing what we know of the superior taste, we haste with no time to waste. We know you'll be glad we did.

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