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About King B Meat Snacks

King B Jerky, now King B Inc., was established in 1968. The owner desired to bring back the flavor of the West in real steak jerky. King B was the first modern company to market "steak jerky". Roger Ball created a unique recipe which has tantalized the taste buds of millions of people over nearly three decades. His recipe most closely resembles the method used by Native Americans and early explorers. He uses only natural spices indigenous to the Rocky Mountain area. This array of spices combine to create a salt/pepper cure beef jerky. Later, other flavors were adopted to cover the wide variety of "modern" taste preferences.

Over the years, King B has adopted some new recipes that are considered sugar cured products. This is for the urban people who value meat snack but desire a different flavor profile. The ethnic mix of people in the United States has resulted in a wide variety of flavors available in meat snacks. Teriyaki, Hot & Spicy, BBQ, Chile Hot, etc., have found a niche in the market place due to the demand of different cultures and peoples. The information age, as well as ease of travel, has influenced the meat snack market. Customers are demanding flavors that are familiar to them and their different cultures. With a world wide market, King B has created an extended offering of flavors and styles of quality meat snacks.

All King B products are:
  • made from 100% premium, visually lean, full muscle, aged round and flank steak
  • hand cut and sized into convenient strips
  • marinated in a bath of delicious seasonings and spices
  • slow smoked and cured to provide tender, succulent texture and full-bodied flavor

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